Share your stories for the upcoming Regional Meeting!

Tell us what has gone right!

What can you say about other LAW members as we ask you to share a positive story or experience about another member (firm)?  We want to hear from you!  Please, in 5 minutes or less, call attention to something that has benefitted your firm and/or client(s) by having access to a qualified lawyer from another LAW member firm on your team.

Examples may be something like:

  • A project completed with another or other member firm(s) with a brief description
  • A lawyer in a member firm who was able to offer some additional information or knowledge of a law that enabled you, in turn, to help your client
  • A visit you made to another member firm on a business or personal trip
  • Anything else you want to share about good things that have happened involving other LAW members

Use this link to upload or record a video from your computer or phone:

Contact with questions

Portions of these videos will be shown during this year’s Regional Meetings.